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Boosted Boards Stealth Electric Longboard Complete

If you thought the original Boosted was fun, wait until you ride the Boosted Stealth Electric Longboard Complete. Boosted took everything you love about the versatile original and made it even better. The Stealth has a higher top speed, lightning-fast acceleration, and a more refined ride feel thanks to some borrowed techniques developed in snowboarding. The Stealth offers the same flex, vibration absorption, and deep carving capabilities with an upgraded drivetrain with CNC precision machined trucks. Whether you’re cruising around town or using the Stealth as a dedicated commuter, you’re going to love zipping around on your new electric skateboard. Up to 14 miles on one charge 24mph top speed, Climb 25% hill grades with ease 5 ride modes, Including all-new Hyper mode 85mm Boosted Stratus wheels, Super Flex composite deck Regenerative and reliable brakes, Ergonomic Bluetooth Remote ImportedGo up to 14 miles with the extended range battery.
24 mph top speed and super responsive acceleration.
Hill Climbing Climb a 25% grade with speed and ease.
5 ride modes, including the all-new Hyper mode, exclusive to Boosted Stealth.
Boosted Stratus 85mm wheels deliver the highest roll speed of any Boosted board to date.

Price: $1,599.00 - $1,999.00
(as of May 09,2019 10:40:43 UTC – Details)

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